Aquaponic and Hydroponic Design and Consulting Service

Greentec Consulting offers practical options for the purchase of an Aquaponics or Hydroponics system such as:


Whether Aquaponics or Hydroponics, we are able to design, cost and build any size system for any application, be it commercial or backyard sized.

Our CAD designs are customized to your specifications, geo-location (both indoor and outdoor), lighting, climate control, automation, desired plants grown or fish raised, budget and size of system required.  All factors are considered including (but not limited to) water quality, climate, site layout, existing structures, aesthetics and daylight hours.

The materials used in our systems are customizable to your requirements and you can select from concrete, wood, plastic and reinforced glass for display purposes.

We offer many system styles such as CHOP 2, Media Beds, Biofilters, Floating Raft Deep Water Culture, Nutrient Film Technique, gutters and Kratky hydroponics to choose from.  We also endeavor to remain informed of the emerging technologies that arise so as to offer the most up to date system available.

Using renewable energy is a recommended strategy and we are able to assist with the appropriate sizing and installation in cooperation with your electrician.


To set you on the road of Aquaponic growing we will assist you once your system is installed to balance and cycle the system and train you in the day to day tasks of running your new garden. Besides helping you to set up we can also give you specific advice on addressing nutrient deficiencies, crop protection, integrated pest management and fish care.


We source, test and stock the inputs for Aquaponics and Hydroponics such as supplemental minerals, grow media, seeds, fish and fertilizer as well as replacement pumps, air pumps and any other system components. 


Greentec is active on various social media platforms and messaging apps and as a client you will always get access to our growing community of aquaponic and hydroponic growers, help and information as you need it and the joy of sharing your successes with like-minded people.  By sharing our unique stories and challenges we can all learn to develop our skills in a fantastic field and build on a body of knowledge that will benefit everyone involved.

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