Freedom Farms Premium Classic

Freedom Farms Premium Classic

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Discover the secret behind thriving gardens with our highly recommended Freedom Farms Craft Soils, personally tried and tested by our expert growers. Achieving a perfect 10/10 rating, this substrate has consistently delivered exceptional results in our own gardens, ensuring an experience that we confidently endorse and will undoubtedly revisit.

Key Features:

Optimized Root Health: Our handcrafted living soils are meticulously formulated to prioritize root health, allowing for excellent root penetration and efficient drainage.

Aeration and Water Holding Capacity: Crafted with precision, our soils strike the ideal balance between aeration and water holding capacity, thanks to the inclusion of coconut coir pith.

Base Mineral Blend: A specially curated mineral blend is incorporated into every Craft Soil, ensuring a sustainable supply of calcium and trace elements for long-term plant vitality, along with pH stability.

Probiotic Inoculation: Our Craft Soils are enriched with probiotics, working in harmony with the naturally diverse microbes found in worm castings. This synergy fosters a thriving ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms, optimizing nutrient cycling and suppressing soil pathogens for a consistently healthy root zone.

Supplemented Nutrients: Some formulations of our Craft Soils are enriched with organic plant macro- and micro-nutrients, providing a holistic solution for growers seeking reduced dependency on additional inputs while maximizing the benefits.

100% Natural Ingredients: Embrace the purity of nature with Craft Soils made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients. Our commitment to sourcing, formulating, preparing, and blending components ensures a premium product that aligns with the ethos of your garden.

Crafted with Care:

  • Handcrafted: Each batch of Craft Soil is meticulously blended in small quantities, ensuring a hands-on approach at every stage for consistent product excellence.
  • Formulated: Our soils are based on specific recipes tailored to the unique requirements of different plant types or nutrient management systems, combining both physical and nutritional aspects.

Transform your gardening experience with Freedom Farms Craft Soils, where every component is chosen and combined with care, offering you a reliable foundation for a flourishing and natural garden. 🌿 #CraftedWithCare #FreedomFarmsCraftSoils #NaturalGardening #RootHealthOptimized