Hydro-Ca Essence Fertilizer B

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Welcome to our farm! Our prescription blended water-soluble hydroponic fertilizer is perfect for your hydroponic grow.

Our fertilizer is a fantastic source of calcium and added nitrogen for growth. It contains 155 g/kg N and 190 g/kg Ca to ensure your plants receive the right nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Instructions are simple: dissolve the 450g dry mineral fertilizer in 5 liters of clean water, shake well, and add to your feeding water according to your required EC.

Our fertilizer is perfect for hydroponics and will help your plants reach their full potential. It's a dry concentrated product that is easy to use, and it's available in a plastic bag.

At our farm, we know that healthy plants come from healthy soil, and our prescription blended water-soluble hydroponic fertilizer will help you achieve just that.

Mineral composition:

155 g/kg N; 190 g/kg Ca